Spartanburg County Scenes

Spartanburg County Scenes
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Well in Dade County..."

Session I: County Leadership Elected and Appointed Government

My first evening of class! Boy was I excited. The class meets for 8 weeks (except March 30th) and graduation is held on May 17th. Please don't ask me if you can be invited. I know you all are just dying to see me get my diploma from Citizens' Academy. I am not even sure if guests can come yet... but I am sure I will have a party of sorts. At The Nu Way of course, Monday is Trivia Night with Donnie Patterson followed by the music of Shane Pruitt and friends. What better backdrop to my impending, successful completion on the course!?!

Fifteen people are admitted to the class. It is a very diverse group. Don't worry, I took notes on my classmates...just in case anyone starts acting suspicious, I will already be hard on their trail (kidding about being on their trail, not about the notes, get used to my sarcasm). I am the youngest, by 10 years (I think). We have a recent Law School grad who is interning at the Solicitor's Office, several Retirees, 4 month cancer survivor, and let's not forget the former Dade County, Florida employee (of 22 years).

Tonight was just an introduction to County Government, who is elected, what departments, etc. Jeff Horton, Chairman of County Council and Glenn Breed, County Administrator spoke. Very entertaining and interesting men.

Did you know the Hospitality Tax goes to fund Parks in Spartanburg? There was a master plan that was created in 1999 outlining these new parks. The first one of those will hold its groundbreaking soon... Tyger River Park (here). Glad something tangible, besides my growing waistline, came from the tax on all these dinners out/beers consumed (here).

I promise, as the course progresses, my posts will have a little more depth and hopefully more humor as well. I can tell that the content will be interesting and so will my classmates. Unfortunately for one, I have this to say, "Dorothy, we aren't in Dade County anymore. Now, let's move along..."

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